Having password and login problems?

As of July 2020, the way you login to your applications has changed.

Students, faculty and staff will now be required to use their computer/network password to access all appropriate resources. Please use your computer/network password to access the application you need.

If you are a brand new student, and this is your first time logging in to your college portal or any other college application, please use your default password. Your default password should have been given to you by your college admissions office, which is in the following format: StudentMMDDYYYY (the word 'Student', followed by your date of birth).

If you do not know your computer/network password, please follow the steps below to reset it.

Step 1:

Clear Your Browser Cookies

Instructions for clearing your browser cookies:

PLEASE Make sure you clear your browser cookies before you visit any application.

Step 2:

Use the password reset tool

Click Forgot your password link.

Recover with email

Step 3:

Depending on your role, please select an option below for instructions on how to reset your password.

All Users (Students, Faculty and Staff)

This option is available for all users (Students, Faculty and Staff). Please click the button below for instructions on how to reset your password by sending a temporary password to your personal email address.

Students Only

This option is available only for Students. Please click the button below for instructions on how to reset your password by verifying your identity.

Contact the Help Desk

If you are still not able to log in, please contact the Live 24/7 Tech Support Help Desk. Call 1-888-800-9198 or visit help.cccs.edu for further assistance with your account.